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Management Bios & Photos

Kirill Tatarinov
Chief Executive Officer and President
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Bob Calderoni
Executive Chairman
File: JPG 219KB

Mark M. Coyle
Senior Vice President Finance
File: JPG 295K

Tony Gomes
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
File: JPG 62K

David Henshall
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
File: JPG 29K

PJ Hough
Senior Vice President of Product
File: JPG 51K

Donna Kimmel
Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer
File: JPG 44K

Tim Minahan
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
File: JPG 52K

Carlos Sartorius
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Services
File: JPG 81K

Jeroen van Rotterdam
Senior Vice President of Engineering
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