Rethink your app strategy with Citrix Secure Forms

Go paperless and mobilize business processes

Developing mobile apps can be costly, complex, and time consuming. Citrix Secure Forms allows you to create mobile business apps without writing a line of code, while replacing paper and desktop-based business processes. Easily digitize and automate traditional workflows, enabling employees to execute their tasks efficiently.

How can Citrix Secure Forms work for you?

For each of these use cases, enterprises are creating, distributing and managing purpose built mobile apps for their work force.

Secure Forms can help you be more efficient:

  • Digitize and automate workflows and task processes.
  • Eliminate double entry and paperwork in the field.
  • Pre-packaged templates help you get started. 

Secure Forms Desktop Composer

Secure Forms Desktop Composer enables non-technical users with no coding experience to easily create and publish task-based applets and digital forms. Integration with iBeacon and barcode technologies makes Secure Forms a platform for easily creating advanced and customized apps to capture and process input.

Secure Forms Mobile App

Once an app or digital form has been created and published, it becomes accessible to mobile users using the Secure Forms mobile app.  Citrix advanced MDX micro-VPN technology keeps the information secure whether on the device or over the air. Multiple screen views allow the user to populate, submit, and track forms.

Secure, flexible storage

Secure Forms is tightly integrated with industry-leading Citrix ShareFile for flexible data storage options. Ensure compliance with your corporate security policies using customer-managed StorageZones.

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