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Receiver 4.3 for Windows Desktop Lock

Release Date: Jun 25, 2015

Use Desktop Lock with Receiver 4.3 for Windows when users do not need to interact with the local desktop when using domain-joined machines, which are SSON enabled and store configured.

For Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, and Windows 7 Thin PC and Windows 10.

Ask your help desk for set up instructions.

New features in this release

  • Connects to StoreFront 3.0
  • Enables use of Receiver 4.3 for Windows features including Session reliability, enabling Windows 10 end points

For more information, refer to the product documentation.

Support Resources

Receiver for Windows 4.3 Desktop Lock

Jun 30, 2015
591KB - (.msi) Download

MD5: 31315c5dd13902aceea66c825c4ca984