Leading automaker cuts commute time for 3D engineers with Citrix virtual desktop

PSA Peugeot Citroën is the second-largest Europe-based automaker, producing nearly three million vehicles every year. The company depends on its 3D design engineers to develop new vehicle designs, which requires using data-intensive 3D CAD applications and collaborating with colleagues and subcontractors across 10 countries.

The Challenge: Providing designers mobile access to CAD applications from standard workstations

The 3D CAD applications used by PSA’s design engineers generate a large volume of data, which can cause network bottlenecks and long loading times when used remotely. Standard desktop computers are too slow to run the applications effectively, and require high-powered workstations that are expensive to deploy in multiple locales. PSA needed to find a cost-effective technology solution that could support its designers' mobility needs while enabling the company to work with subcontractors.

Die Lösung: Delivering high performance and accessibility by virtualizing 3D workstations 

To satisfy engineers' demands for high performance and accessibility, PSA deployed Citrix XenServer and Citrix XenDesktop software together with compatible HP and NVIDIA technologies. Today, designers can access the company’s applications from any location, while Citrix PVS simplifies IT management of its desktop images.

As a result, PSA’s designers are able to work from any workstation while meeting high performance requirements such as low network latency and accessibility of nearly 1.200 kilometers from the data center.

Die wichtigsten Vorteile

Standardizing costly equipment via virtualization

According to Jean-Claude Guyot, windows systems and workstation virtualization manager for PSA, “Virtualizing our CAD workstations has enabled us to perform mobile co-design and standardize the equipping of our CAD designers. This includes portable office-technology workstations and access to 3D virtual machines." Whereas in the past PSA’s designers had to rely on expensive workstations equipped with fast processors and large amounts of memory, they are now able to work on standard office desktops.

Enabling design engineers to work remotely

Because designers are no longer limited to working from specialized 3D workstations, they can work from any device in any location. This provides PSA's designers with new modes of working, including digital nomadism and teleworking.

Supporting secure collaboration among subcontractors

PSA’s virtual desktops let designers easily collaborate with subcontractors at any location. "Now it is possible for us to design together, whether employees or subcontractors, from different geographical locations, connecting from any terminal, all while meeting security requirements,” says Guyot. “The data remains all the while at PSA.”

Looking Ahead 

Citrix XenDesktop and XenServer have been rolled out across 10 countries and currently support 2.000 employees each day. PSA plans to expand its virtual desktop infrastructure to additional geographical regions. “Our aim by 2018 is to reach 5.000 simultaneous connections based on developments furnished by suppliers of graphics cards and in Citrix solutions that will improve the rate for pooling resources,” says Frédéric Trujillo, infrastructure technical architect at PSA.

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Now it is possible for us to design together, whether employees or subcontractors, from different geographical locations, connecting from any terminal, all while meeting security requirements. The data remains all the while at PSA.
- Jean-Claude Guyot

Windows Systems and Workstation Virtualization Manager

PSA Peugeot Citroën


Die wichtigsten Vorteile 

  • Standardizes costly equipment via virtualization
  • Enables design engineers to work remotely
  • Supports secure collaboration among subcontractors