PPS improves network connectivity to better serve its members

For more than 75 years, Johannesburg-based PPS has provided tailor-made insurance, investment, and healthcare services to professionals such as doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, architects, and engineers. It is owned by its members, who share in the company’s profits.

PPS’ 1,600 employees in 25 branches across South Africa and Namibia, work hard to provide a highly responsive, confidential, and personal service to members and their families.

But in order to do so, PPS needed more reliable network connectivity.

“In our business, we pride ourselves on providing great services for our members, but our network just couldn’t keep pace with our growing needs,” Head of IT Operations, Derik Scheepers says. “We were having connectivity problems, we didn’t have any real visibility or control of the network, and it just wasn’t flexible enough. A new branch could take 90 to 120 days to get online.”

With growing connectivity issues and key infrastructure contracts up for renewal, PPS decided to move much of its IT into the cloud. IT managers were looking for the best solution to replace its ageing, multi-tenanted, MPLS-based network with new technology offering the flexibility, stability, and security it required to help create an IT platform for growth, innovation, and new products and services.
“We selected Citrix for its SD-WAN technology and capabilities, as recommended by our SD-WAN specialist partner, Intelys Telecom,”

Scheepers says. “Intelys delivered the solution as a fully-managed service so we haven’t had to invest more resources, we can rely on them to manage the network transition and solution delivery.
“So far, it’s been a great success; we’ve cut costs, reduced business risk, and our people have a much more stable platform to do what they do best — looking after our members.”

Stable, reliable, and easy to use

“We’ve seen immediate benefits from using the Citrix solution,” Scheepers says. “Our network is much more stable and reliable and so our people are able to concentrate on working for members. In fact, they’re completely unaware that the technology is operating in the background, constantly selecting the best route that will deliver our data at high speed.”

Reduced risk

A constant focus on data protection, confidentiality, and robust systems is fundamental to PPS’ success. It holds and processes large quantities of financial and health-related data on behalf of its 350,000 members.

SD-WAN from Citrix is playing an important role in boosting PPS’s data protection arrangements and, as a result, the overall health and security of the business.

Social responsibility

A stable and secure network also contributes to the success of PPS’s many social and community programmes, which promote skills training, entrepreurial thinking, and equality of opportunity through its many bursaries and scholarships.

Return on investment

On top of the immediate user experience and productivity benefits of moving to NetScaler SD-WAN, PPS will achieve a full return on its investment in just 12 months. In addition, with the improved performance of its IT — speed, minimised downtime, agility and flexibility — will come further cost savings and business efficiencies.

“As we continue our transition into the cloud, moving to Citrix SD-WAN is an important piece of the jigsaw that will help secure a prosperous future for PPS and its members,” Scheepers says.

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Citrix SD-WAN has been a great success. Our people in branch can concentrate on looking after our members – and we’ll get a return on investment in just 12 months.
- Derik Scheepers

Head of IT Operations



Key Benefits

  • Citrix SD-WAN is providing a secure, stable, and reliable network for PPS’s 1,600 employees to provide great service to their 350,000 members — and giving IT managers the visibility and control they need to minimise risk and plan for the future with confidence.

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