Personal Data supports rapid growth and high-volume business with on-demand mobile workspaces

Business agility wins markets. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be able to deploy resources and empower personnel quickly wherever and whenever opportunity arises. Citrix partner Personal Data, part of Project Group, helps a fast-growing Italian retailer maximize both reach and revenue.

To expand its reach into new markets around the world, pastry-maker and confectioner Bauli needed a way to bring new locations online while capitalizing on seasonal demand. Personal Data had already enabled Bauli to deliver virtual desktops to 225 production and office workers with Citrix XenDesktop. Now the firm used Citrix XenMobile to empower 150 additional users on mobile devices, providing remote access to applications with a great user experience wherever people work.

Bauli’s Citrix solution helps the company manage peak demand periods easily by bringing new users online instantly with remote access to centralized IT applications and services. As Bauli acquires new companies, such as Italian cookie-maker Bistefani in 2014, it can provide immediate access for these users to its own systems to accelerate onboarding. Today, Bauli has sales in over 70 countries on 5 continents—but it’s not stopping now. The company is planning new acquisitions and branch openings abroad, and will use Citrix WAN optimization technologies to link these quickly to its mobile workspace architecture.

“We place great emphasis on skills development and constant training of our engineers in virtualization, networking and mobile, helping us earn a reputation for high quality of service,” says Giuliano Tonolli, co-owner and sales director of Personal Data. As a result, this 20-person firm in northern Italy can leverage advanced technology to help its clients transform markets around the world.

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