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Al Nisr Publishing gibt einige der meistverkauften Medienpublikationen in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten heraus. Based in Dubai, it has been established in 1985 by by Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Abdullah Al Rostamani and Juma Al Majid. Al Nisr Publishing distributes now more than 10 media titles that cater to various audiences and industries, including Gulf News, a leading daily newspaper; Xpress, a weekly tabloid; Aquarius, a monthly lifestyle magazine; and InsideOut, a monthly interior design magazine.

The challenge: Offering remote access to mobile workers

The United Arab Emirates government is encouraging public and private companies to harness advanced technologies to achieve the country’s vision to become a global technology hub. Equipped with an aging IT infrastructure and the lack of centralized management for data and applications, Al Nisr Publishing needed a comprehensive, cost-effective IT management solution. The company’s main challenge was providing on-the-go employees with the same access they would have sitting at their desks in the office. Since the company did not have a mobile device management plan in place, it had high hardware costs, and security was an issue.

Die Lösung: Delivering secure mobile apps and desktops for employees

As a satisfied customer of Citrix for 10 years, Al Nisr Publishing implemented the Citrix XenApp solution, providing employees across all departments in multiple offices with secure, remote access to applications and server desktops from multiple devices over any network. Citrix XenApp helps the publishing house deliver a full desktop solution and access to applications to all staff based on their roles and personal devices. The solution provides a rich set of capabilities and a flexible architecture that enables the IT department to be more agile in a rapidly changing workplace.

Die wichtigsten Vorteile

Providing easy remote access with the click of a button

Citrix XenApp makes it possible for Al Nisr Publishing’s more than 600 employees to work from various offices and stay on the move, whether it’s the editorial team attending events and photo shoots or the sales team meeting potential customers. With the Citrix solution, mobile employees have easy access to company files and apps with the click of a button.

Improving IT administration, consolidation and maintenance

As the publishing house continues to grow rapidly, the newly installed Citrix solution allows the IT team to set up new employees quicker than ever before. It is now possible to have a new user up and running in a matter of minutes. Centralization allows the company to consolidate IT resources at its main office, eliminating the need for IT staff to work remotely at other locations. Another benefit is the team’s ability to update all company devices and laptops with patches and software upgrades centrally, saving time and effort by avoiding manual updates.

Reducing hardware costs up to 60 percent

The Citrix virtual platform has helped Al Nisr Publishing address the rising costs of hardware with a savings of up to 60 percent in total cost of ownership. With the option of providing secure access to applications on any device, the company does not have to purchase and provide each employee with laptops or other mobile devices. Workers can now use personal devices to complete tasks, with the burden of insuring the devices falling on them rather than the employer.

Looking ahead

“Due to the success of this XenApp implementation, we are looking at ways to enhance other parts of our IT infrastructure with Citrix, to provide new benefits to our employees and improve our operation as a whole,” said Marclino Fernandes, head of IT Service at Al Nisr Publishing.

zu Citrix

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Due to the success of this XenApp implementation, we are looking at ways to enhance other parts of our IT infrastructure with Citrix, to provide new benefits to our employees and improve our operation as a whole.
- Marclino Fernandes

Head of IT Service

Al Nisr Publishing


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Die wichtigsten Vorteile  

  • Provides easy remote access with the click of a button
  • Improves IT administration, consolidation and maintenance
  • Reduces hardware costs up to 60 percent