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XenMobile Device Manager offers the capability to integrate with external systems via its web services APIs. These web services APIs allow an external system to retrieve, add, or edit information for devices, users/groups, or applications, define policies and bundle deployment packages.

You can use Device Manager web services APIs to integrate with order management systems, employee device registration, portals, telecom management systems, and other internal systems to support a customized process workflow that meets specific business needs.

The web services APIs are designed to connect over HTTP(S) and require an administrator account for authentication. Both Device Manager on-premises software and cloud deployments have full support for the web services APIs. Customers can decide the data parameters and values they would like to access via the API and develop the corresponding software functionality to interface with the Device Manager using the specifications outlined in the APIs documentation package.

XenMobile Device Manager offers two sets of APIs, both based on the SOAP specifications

The standard web services set can reproduce any of the actions completed by the administration console. By default, the WSDLs are deactivated but the web services are fully accessible. To enable the WSDLs, please edit the server-config.wsdd file or, for cloud deployments, ask the Citrix Cloud Operation team to do it for you. In that file, comment the following XML tags:

<!-- <wsdlFile>/WEB-INF/everywan.wsdl</wsdlFile> -->

A second web services set was specifically created to control the invitation based enrollment requests. Those web services are deactivated by default to avoid security issues. To activate them, edit ew-config.properties or, for cloud deployments, ask the Citrix Cloud Operation team to do it for you and set the following parameter to true:


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